The Proceedings have been published as,
J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. (JPCS), Volume 664, 2015

Poster Award Winners

  • [Track 1] Dai Kobayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology),
    Performance of the ATLAS Muon Trigger in Run I and Upgrades for Run II
  • [Track 2] Andre Sailer (CERN),
    Integration of DD4hep in the Linear Collider Software Framework
  • [Track 3] Christophe Haen (CERN),
    Data Management System of the DIRAC Project
  • [Track 4] Yuji Kato (Nagoya University),
    Job monitoring on DIRAC for Belle II distributed computing
  • [Track 5] Anna Elizabeth Woodard (University of Notre Dame),
    Exploiting Volatile Opportunistic Computing Resources as a CMS User
  • [Track 6] Erekle Magradze (Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen),
    Automation of Large-scale Computer Cluster Monitoring Information Analysis
  • [Track 7] Andrew David Lahiff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory),
    Experience with batch systems and clouds sharing the same physical resources
  • [Track 8] Aram Santogidis (CERN),
    Optimizing the transport layer of the ALFA framework for the Intel Xeon Phi co-processor

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