Venue and travel (brief instruction)

The conference will be held at OIST, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology graduate university, in Okinawa, Japan. It is located in the Onna village at the center of Okinawa Island, which is located at about 1,500 km south from Tokyo, Japan.

For most passengers, Naha International Airport is the gateway to Okinawa. There are many domestic flights between Japanese primary airports (e.g. Narita, Haneda, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka) and Naha, especially between Haneda and Naha.
Some airlines also operate international flights from Asian airports Okinawa Transportation Access.

If you reach Narita Airport that is major international airport in Japan, you may travel from Narita to Haneda by land, since there are not so many direct flights between Narita and Naha. It takes about one to two hours depending on the transportation (train, shuttle bus, and taxi). Railways should be most punctual but yoy may need to transfer several lines.

From Naha Airport to official conference hotels, we serve conference bus in limited time. The detail of the time table will be announced later. Even if the bus schedule is not suitable for your flight, there are some other transportations (limousine bus, monorail+local bus, taxi, and rental car). Typical travel time is about 90 mins. Please note that monorail and buses are not operated till so late.

  • From Narita to Haneda
  • Narita Airport
    • Official site (link)
    • Narita airport access guide (link)
    • Narita terminal shuttle bus (btw terminal 1 and 2) (link)
  • Haneda Airport official site
  • Nagoya Airport (Centrair) official site
  • Kansai Airport official site
  • Naha Airport domestic, international
  • Links to other airports / airlines (link)
  • From Naha to OIST/hotels
    • By limousine bus (departure time: 10:45 - 17:45 (From Naha Airport to OIST)) (link1), (link2),
      • Time table (link)
      • Fares (link)
      • "Area C" covers conference venue and official hotels
    • By taxi (JY8000-JY12000 from Naha Airport to OIST) 24 hours available (link)
    • By rental car (typically opens 08:00-20:00) (link)
    • By monorail + local bus (deperture time: 6:00-19:50)
      • Bus #120, bound for “Nago Bus Terminal”, departs from bus sp No. 3 at Naha Airport (Domestic Terminal)
      • JY1400-JY1670 about 2.5 hours (recommended to go to the restroom before the ride)
      • Bus drivers do not speak English. Take a paper ticket (jousha-ken) when you get on the bus.
      • Please note that you cannot pay with 10,000JPY/5,000JPY bills
      • Route Finder Okinawa (link)
      • local bus stops near the campus (bus #120)
        • Naha airport
        • .....
        • Moon Beach "ムーンビーチ前" (Hotel Moon Beach)
        • Tiger Beach "タイガービーチ前" (Hotel Monterey)
        • Fuchaku "富着"
        • Sun Marina hotel "サンマリーナホテル前"
        • Tancha-no-oka "谷茶の丘" (Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel)
        • Tancha "谷茶"
        • Daigakuin-Daigaku-Mae "大学院大学前" (OIST Campus)
        • Sea Side House-Mae "シーサイドハウス前" (Seaside House)
        • .....
        • Nago Bus Terminal
      • Okinawa bus (link)
    • Okinawa touriest information (link1), (link2)
  • Convenient links for Japan travel
    • Train route finder (link)
    • Android/iPhone app for Japan travel (navigation guide) (link)


Published: Dec. 2015

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